FBFP2003 SUMMER OPEN 8/31/03
No time for rhymes the summer is almost gone! Fifteen tenacious teams showed for one of the better bites all year. Flooded waters on Mother shooting way behind the spring banks along with a steady Easterly blow. A very breif bit of sprinkles chasing the morning away into mostly sunny skies, a friendly reminder that another lado tournament was on Mother's waters . Thirty-eight fish and not a blank to be seen for a total weight of nearly 100lbs and a 2.52lb average. Imagine had there been a better show! So the story goes.... 
Minus the stringer and a couple of smallmouths I did the best imitation of Chester McCracken (aka my paps) that I could.  The Tuesday after this event paps went fishn' with the best partner of all. Thanks for the lessons of life through your fishn'
Rory Franks with 16.16lbs and a kicker big at 4.46, finally making it happen in 2003! Dried up hump fish left a bad taste in my mouth until 10am when I threw in the enemy and went pitchn'. Just like an early April afternoon things got hot for the next three hours culling up to what you see. For more on this day and others. CLICK HERE.
Total pay $370!
WOW! Jumping onboard with the electric only fisherpeople on Mother these two "new guys" , Mick Maloney and Gary Pridemore busting through the door with 15.2lbs and second place.

The duo picking a limit nearly in a row on those "dried up humps". Twelve foot of water and stroke of a jig here and  twitch of a worm there making them the team to talk about and $185 wealthier!

Welcome fellas! I think I see Joe Engler pulling the plug on your boat in the foreground! Look out! 
Two more guys that didn't let that hump fear turn them away. The team of Matt Byrnes and Gus Grownowski bringing home the third spot with what Gus called "little fish" while at the tub! These "little fish" averaged nearly 2lbs each with a total weight of 9.53lbs! That's great fishn' in any NE Ohio water Gus and better than nearly 24 others! Total pay $105.

After the weigh-in Matt pulled out the pics from recent trips that put Gus' comments into perspective. Put those 6+ lb toads up against a nice bag and one might think these fish were indeed small. Great fishn' guys one more chance for those toads October 12th!
Rounding out the final checks for big basses, left the team of Galewood Sr.&Jr. from an earlier day. Luck played a bad turn of the cards for this team as their 5lbr. jumped in the boat with paps :)  A second big bass in their bag stepped up to claim the two spot for 4.29 lbs. and $42. To the right, Craig Kitson with the ultimate big bass smile! The third big big bass at 3.97 lbs. and measuring from ear to ear!