For the 27th time I complete this site, I hope it works! I have completed it fully numerous times and I keep breaking techno my line!!!!! Kinda like the last event for me on the 26th! Here it goes----

If you did not stick around for the final tabulation of points the top 16 teams qualified for the championship as we averaged near 31 teams for the 3 events total. A nice even round number of 16 was derived from this average ( 50%) . Further a decision was made by remaining participants to invite any team that had fished all 3 events and not qualified - this eligibility was originally thought to be 6 teams, actually it could be 7 once I confirm with the non-show team their intentions to be paid back or let their money ride in order to qualify. I will distribute fees to winning teams on 5/26 once they return my calls if it be the case.

Again- I was caught up in the moment and forgot pics of winning bags but do have the top 3 teams on file - who also were the top 3 point champions. The following is a list of the top 16 point teams.
Minick/Geil 313
Engler    308
Schultz/Morrell 292
Franks/Franks  285
Begue/Bondarenka 281
Corbit/Johnson 280
Mahaffey/Ricker 280
Reed/Reed  280
Clemence/Clemence 274
Balli/Fornaro   268
Kravic/Germann  267
Snahnican/Snahnican 265
Seman/Pelc  256
Joss/Sexton 253
Byrnes/Gronowski 251
Kitson/Kitson  186
The following teams qualified by fishing all three events and the vote to invite them to the Championship .
Adkins/Adkins  Glover/Chambers
Griffith/Bunner Dostal/Carrigo


* Must confirm their intentions as they were not checked-in in the am, but paid for final event. Please call or email if you are this team!!!!
The Championship will then consist of 22 teams confirmed. The current pool of funds is $552. With 100% of 22 teams showing up the pool will grow to $1102 !!!!!!! A $10 -12lb. pot will be offered as well. An awesome payout for any event with only a $40 entry fee. Info will be mailed!!!  730a-4pm JUNE 30
First place with an impressive bag of 5 fish for 13.91 lbs was the team of Robert Schultz and Greg Morrell. Despite a struggle in the second event, they perservered by tossing various plastic baits tight to bushes and covering a lot of water throughout the day.  Their efforts led to distancing the previous third place points leader and capturing the final plaque for points. Super job fellas!!! - there was a quick mention of their secret chartruse dynomite , but when ears fell upon them they quickly recanted their findings!
Second place with 5 fish at 10.5 lbs was the single angler without a net, Joe Engler. Joe concentrated on outside edges mostly in the South end with a spinnerbait. Joe was kind enough to share his special bait with me as I stuggled for one keeper point fish- he also pulled out his bag of fish along the way. Thanks for the inspiration Joe! His finish also led to finalizing his second place standings in points for the year - along with catching the largest bag of the year of 17.37 lbs. Great job Mr Engler- solo as well!
Rounding out the top three were the terrors of "the do". Bo Geil and Chris Minick weighing in a 5 fish limit at 8.85lbs. Chris and Bo went both skinny and deep to find their bag braving the tough southernly winds for their final keepers. Chris said SE part of the lake -Bo reported NW corner - it's not just secrets that make 'em points champions though- certaintly doesnt hurt I guess!  Good job guys with 313 points you wrapped up the season with being the most consistant anglers for FBFP2001. I also saw several others dipping purple worms in peanut butter - what are we doing wrong??? Congrats!
Sincere apologies to the fourth, fifth ad big bass winners who worked hard, then for me to forget to take pictures!!!!  Fourth went to Bob Balli and Tony Fornaro with 3 fish at 7.92 lbs. Great average weight- 2 more like that and youd've had it! Jerkbaits in 5-10ft of water led to their big fish.

Fifth place with a close 4 fish at 7.88lbs went to Terry Mahaffey and Bennie Ricker. The team stuck with an area in the North end all day working hard for that final keeper that never gave her self up.

Finally and not by any means least was another single angler, Bill Metzger with big bass at 4.48lbs. Congrats Bill ! Only a few pounds shy of your newborn you spoke of ???
April 21 -- 56 fish , 142.3 lbs avg field weight 2.54! Big Bass 6.81
May5th -- 39 fish  , 87.49 lbs avg field weight 2.24! Big Bass 5.02
May26th-- 72 fish , 147.74 lbs avg field weight 2.05! Big Bass 4.48