LaDO number two emerged to be a beautiful day as a backdoor low frontal system went spinning away. East winds early, later shifting from the South, had hopes from 49 teams of anglers that the fish would open their mouths! A deep water bite, proved to top the fight, leaving just 14 sets of bassers behind.
The points have moved, with some in a groove, and others who have simply declined. Only the future can tell, who will do well, as our Mother begins the spawn. The cycle of life, creating the angler's strife, to fish more often or take care of the lawn! Zero acres mowed,90 fish caught for 204lbs.,2.27lb.avg.
So the story goes...
A home poured jig and the proverbial "8-10 ft. of water" led the team of Karnes and Efferson to a toad sack with a kicker smallie, from the riprap causeway of Mother. The boys know "Uncle Mogadore" pretty well. But with their big bass of 4.87lbs, a limit of 15.96, first in points and a grand rockin' total payout of $1221~!!!  they went and kicked him in the knee and are sittn' in Mother's lap eatn' cookies and drinkn' lemonade. Efferson commented after the show that "something was different" this morning. That's mom talkn' and kids listening!!!   
Overcoming "the enemy" in fishn' can be in a variety of manifestations. The team of Kravic and Germann beat 'em all out today. It started with a forgotten hat in the morning and ended with the lime green headgear shown in the afternoon! Two smallies in the five fish limit of 12.14 lbs leading the way to a second place payout of $441. Another riprap bite stepping this team to the five spot overall. Not a sunburn to be seen and just a lot of green, with a hint of a bronze stripe or two! Great fishn' guys~ persistence, perseverance and some innovation from the elements proving there is no enemy in your team! Note their expedited use of the Sure-Life release tank, Mother is hearn'you!         
 No introduction needed for these bigbass looks! Just in case~ the team of Balli and Snahanican with a 11.57lb. third spot proving their consistency again. Teamwork and "no prefishn'" their keys to success paving the way for possibly back to back Point Champs!? With the number two spot overall and just a point behind Mother's new kids, it's starting out to be quite race for her attention! Total pay $343!       
To the left (with the blind bass...) Joe Engler with a limit of 11.02lbs and yet another check for fourth place of $245. People are startn' to talk Joe, then you go bring in a fish that can't even see!!! Nice job buddy- the three spot overall.

Center stage, Bobby Schultz goin'solo in 04' with his limit of 9.41lbs.Bobby buddy, with that sweatshirt you got going today I'm not sure I'd wanna be in the boat with you either. That enemy might be just a little too much for me. Great fishn'though! Number five paying $147. Are those all buck bass you caught today? Definately the shirt!

Far right, Jordan and Giel getting the day off work and coming back to see what kinda free gear we have for 04'! Not today kids- mother was lovin' you a little, enough to be in the $$$ for the final spot, one shy of a limit at 9.28lbs and $98. I'd say there is a "one that             got away" story to go along with that bag!           
Now for my favorite part- the "the big bass look" and sponsor smiles! Top left with the serious big bass stare, Bob Smith holding a 4.82 second big bass for $147. This fish off of another homemade jig with a Cobra bait trailer in skinny water.
Top right the team of Ripple and Plotner holding two toads one of which bounced into the third biggest of the day at 4.66lbs- these two fish putting them first outa the money at 8.61 with the nice center stage kickback of offcial DOBASS hats provided by NuThreadz. Smiles for the hats and "the look" and a grin for a $98 fish!
Bottom left, the ear to ear teeth shown' smile of nearly $100 worth of rods From Rodmakers to the team of Zimmerman and Rahas just for shown' up! Good show guys- those rods will help on the 29th!
Finally, bottom right our Pradco winners to the team of Shope and Costanzo with a weigh-in bag loaded with over $50 in hard baits and plastics. These boys musta had a big one on, they got the look goin'! Welcome to the series!!!
So we come to another close which is really just the start! Mother is lookn' better than ever, minus the ramp, and everyone is carrying over the level of sportsmanship hoped for! I commented in the morning about the awesome care of the land, fish and each other that is being provided. Please continue your efforts as we enter the warmwater periods of the season providing constant aeration, water changes and ice downs to Mother's beasts. 

No rain YET, a very nice change to the series, and so far a record setting: Big Bass, One day qualifying payout and three weights between nearly 16 and 20 pounds to win! Another big thanks to the team for making it possible for us- simply flawless thus far. See all on the 29th!!!! Any predictions!???