The first full field in a NOAA event opened the season with a 100% payout of a $12,000 purse. Not even the weather was disappointing. A perfect comfortable day reaching into the 70's with light winds eventually running from the East/Southeast 5-15mph. Water above pool with bucks moved in and a few females on their tail. 60 teams weighed 264 fish for average fish of 1.55lbs. So the story goes...
Brian Bickerton and Tim Barta taking top honors with a five fish limit of 11.13lbs and the kicker bigbass of 4.35lbs. Vic's Sports Center and Stratos Boats tried to help these guys out with an additional $500 bonus for winning from Brian's new Vic's Champion rig, but unfortunately they had to settle with a mere $6360 payday to help with Tim's wedding plans! Next time guys use the new boat! That woulda covered the tux! Awesome job guys and perfect timing for Barta. You can always remind her how fishin' paid for her day! 
The original "basspimps", Ed Hankins and John Shriver, standing in the two spot with looks of envy from the team behind! These boys are always right in the mix especially on Mosquito and today was no different. A limit, with one crawdad poop left in the well, put them at 11.10lbs.just shading them away from the top spot. Still a $2160 finish in the bank roll. Their sponsors include Summit Racing, Kames, Norton Marine and Triton boats.  
Making sure to not stir up a mess, the organizers of the event settled for number three today! Joe Engler and Rory Franks with a 10.69lb bag just to make things interesting. Running the lake most of the day in the new Stratos rig provided for some serious fast and furious fishn'. Numerous big runs of several laydowns culled up in the afternoon from a little morning limit. A huge thanks to Vic's and Stratos for all the bugs in Joe's teeth today! He's still pickn' ~ total pay $1320.  
Wayne Patterson and Mike Polosky holding four of their five putting them into number four for the day. A total weight of 10.54lbs. Much appreciation was expresed from this team to their sponsors of James Locke Jewlers and Kames sportscenter for helping them be here today. Just one more fish boys, like Polosky is right handn', and it woulda
been all over. Still a near thousand dollar return at $960 !!! Great show- see you at West Branch!  
The team of Walden and Klien jumping onboard with NOAA this year and very happy they did so! Their five fish limit of 10.45lbs working them over 55 other teams and just a touch shy of the "big money." Thanks for coming out fellas- how about a fifth place return of $720 for your efforts ? Not to shabby eh?!!!!
The Fin~Feather~Fur guys coming up from the "South"  to fish with us yankees, the team of Hatfield and McQuate. Central Ohio boys just as well be from Georgia with the weather like the Cleveland area has had this year! Keep us geared up guys- glad to have you with us for a few events this year! Total weight for a limit~ 10.04lbs for a payday of $240.
Who let these guys in?! Richie Snyder and Ray Halter being so generous with a $100 set of gift certificates to the Rodshop. What they go and do- take the "first place outa the money" spot with 10.03lbs and gear themselves up with some more stuff they definately don't need!!! It's the thought that counts fellas, I'm sure you were thinking more on the green side of things! Thanks for your continued sponsor support! See you at West Branch!
Franks Bass Fishing Promotions 2005