1.  Membership is NOT REQUIRED. Participation is open to any licensed angler in the State of Ohio who is 18 years of age or older and has agreed to waiver liability to all sponsoring agencies by signing a waiver of liability agreement. Those under age 18 must be accompanied or approved in writing by a parent/guardian.

A $100 team fee is required for Thaw entry ~ bigbass is included. An additional $50 entry is required for ANY youth/collegiate teams

Anyone 17 years old or younger will be eligible for the contingency of $1000. These "youth" angling "teams" will then consist of UP TO THREE anglers in a boat (at least one person on team is a "youth")  Any College angler with a recognized Collegiate Angling Club by their University, may be added to any "youth" team to be eligible for contingency of $1000. 

Again, these YOUTH angling teams may consist of UP TO THREE anglers in a boat. 

The highest finishing YOUTH Angling team is GUARANTEED a $1,000 cash award outside of established projected Thaw OPEN payouts.

More than one YOUTH angler may be present in a team, only one school from that team is eligible for contingency award.

 2. All fishing must be done from a boat. Proof of liability insurance must be available at time of entry on water. All boats must be at least 14ft. in length, comply with US Coast guard HP rating and equipped with a working ignition kill switch. Coast Guard approved vests/preservers are to be worn anytime outboard engine is running. All local, state and federal laws are to be followed. Any citations during tournament hours and weigh-in will result in disqualification.

 3.  All participants must be registered with boats in water and livewells inspected by officials no later than 10 minutes prior to stated start time. Morning announcements and blast off will occur from the Park Office Bay located directly South of the launch/parking area. Please prepare to register your team upon arrival and then idle with partner by boat to Park Office Bay. The field will be split into two equal flight groups upon determination of final participation. 15 minutes added to the second flight. 

 4. All boats must be equipped with a working aeration system. Dead fish to weigh tub results in a ONE POUND penalty per dead fish to total weight of legal catch and big bass if dead. Dead fish determined by 2024NOAA rule #8. A  team limit  will consist of FIVE largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass that are 12” or longer. Cull immediately as you catch. If a team possesses 6 or more fish they are disqualified. ONE POUND penalty for each short fish to total weight of legal catch. Short fish determined by 2024NOAA rule #10. 

 5. Off limits of Mosquito Reservoir begins 12:01am 4/06/24. Areas of the lake marked as “no boat” areas are off limits during competition (ex. dam region & wildlife refuge). The front (east) portion of the marina breakwall, from corner to corner of rock, extending to the no wake buoys (or 200 ft East of breakwalls) and back into the ENTIRE MARINA BAY is OFF LIMITS.  Please clarify any off limit regions that may be in question with director prior to registration. Off limit questions will not be addressed during blastoff.

 6.Boats are never to be within “touching distance” during competition hours. The practice of “hole sitting” by another competitor or non-competitors boat is prohibited as well. PLEASE exhibit sportsmanlike and courteous positioning when fishing similar water. Simple communication between boats IS EXPECTED PRIOR TO ANY FORMAL WRITTEN PROTEST and can often resolve on the water issues. The use of any profanity during communications is grounds for disqualification.

 7. Only artificial baits with the exception of pork trailers are permitted for use. Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited. Drifting is permitted. Only one casting or spinning rod may be in use for the purpose of catching fish, per individual. All bass must be caught in a live sporting manner with rod and reel while the participant remains inside the watercraft.

8. All pre-registered teams will draw a ball for flight position. Ramp pays assigned at end of field.Teams are to check-in with on the water officials by way of their numbered ball. Check-in time determined when ball enters official’s boat. The check-in boat will be available inside the marina bay 15 minutes before the first stated finish time each day. There is a ONE POUND penalty for loss of check-in ball. At no time may a team without a ball check-in late. Boats that arrive late are penalized ONE POUND per minute of total legal weight and disqualified after five minutes. At no time may another team or non-participant bring in a team’s catch. A team or non-participant may tow a competing vessel back to weigh-in under emergency/breakdown situations. There are no “restarts” for any reason. Participants of a team must remain on the water in their boat up to disposing of ball to “official on the water” check-in boat. All boats are to be loaded on trailer after check-in. All participants of a team must be present at weigh-in to make weight official. Any portion of a team’s watercraft is subject to inspection by officials at any time before, during or after event. Refusal of inspection will result in disqualification. 

9. The use of cell phones or electronic communication devices is ENCOURAGED for this event. 
Social Media updates will enhance the collegiate aspects of this event.

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10. The event director and KSU students team of help team will fish this event indicated within the roster as teams "KSU1- KSU5". Another participant will verify their weights. The director/team removes any authority deciding a protest involving themselves allowing for a majority vote of remaining participants to rule.

11. Precision digital tournament scales will be the primary scales used for determining weight. A backup scale that is calibrated with the primary scale will be used for any remaining bags of fish in the event of primary scale failure. Total weight is determined in pounds and hundredth ounces. 

12. All ties will be decided by a unanimous vote of tied teams to split winnings or otherwise by the flip of a coin.

13. The use of alcohol or illicit substances during event hours and weigh-in is prohibited and grounds for disqualification.

14.  Any team or person found to be cheating or unsportsmanlike by officials will be disqualified from participating event and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

15. FBFP reserves the right to accept or refuse any entry received.

16. All protests must be made in writing within 10 minutes of last call for fish the day the violation occurred. Written protests will result in a binding decision being made. If the director is unable to resolve a dispute by substantiated evidence or admission of the accused, a polygraph will be required as instituted by the director only. The results of that polygraph will be binding. Both the filing party and accused must post deposit in the amount of $850 for the cost of testing. Refusal to post deposit by either party will result in a binding decision being made at that time. Deposit will be returned to the party in which the polygraph found in favor of. A decision of the protest will be governed by event officials only unless subject to rule #10. Any participant is subject to polygraph at request of the director at anytime with or without cause. The first place winners of this event will submit and be required to pass a verification test as instituted by FBFP prior to official checks disbursed. Any protests and/or official findings of rule violations will be available for public review on fishKSU.com and DoBass.com.

17. KSU Bass Club reserves the right to adjust tournament times or outright cancel/reschedule due to emergency/severe conditions. It is each participant’s responsibility to make individual decisions about their own safety in the event of severe/inclement weather. Rule #1 will remain applicable for any returns. 

18. Any rules, interpretation of the rules, or rules not covered will be governed by event officials only and those decisions will be binding.

19. This OPEN tournament is presented as a benefit fundraiser for the Kent State Bass Fishing team. A portion of proceeds from each entry directly supports their efforts and continues ANNUALLY THE CHRIS GRAF MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR KSU ANGLERS.
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