Points will be awarded to each team weighing fish. The points will begin with 100 for 1st top weight of each event and continue to descend in appropriate order. In the event of identical weights the highest points available will be awarded to all same weight teams, but continue to descend in appropriate fashion for the following positions (ex: 1st and 2nd tie and receive 100 points, the 3rd place team receives 98 points). There are 20 show points awarded to any team fishing a qualifying event that did not weigh fish and returned their chip of life in a timely fashion. At the end of the FIFTH qualifying event all points will be tallied and the THREE highest teams will receive plaques for their accomplishment as well as bonuses of sponsor donated items. Awards will be generated throughout the season and announced to the field upon development.

The top 50% points field of the total number of teams that participated during the year will receive an invitation to compete in the Championship. Any team having fished or paid for all five 2019 events automatically will receive a championship birth. 

The Championship fee will be $100 and added to the accumulation. Championship qualifiers, OFF LIMITS of La Due Reservoir begins 12:01AM Monday September 16th.  

The Championship will pay the top ten weights and big bass. 

The top three are GUARANTEED as follows regardless of annual participation: 1st$1,000~ 2nd$400~ 3rd$350~ *est. 4th$300~ 5th$250~ 6th$200~ 7th$150~ 8th$125~ 9th$115~ 10th$100~ BigBass$200* 

The following is a breakdown of payout for each qualifying event regardless of the number of teams that participate. Plaques are awarded to the top three teams of each event. 

Payout is modified for any “OPEN” events ~ “OPEN” EVENTS DO NOT REQUIRE MEMBERSHIP.

$14 X per entry = 1st              19’ SPONSOR BONUSES TO TOP THREE POINT CHAMPS

$10 X per entry = 2nd       NOW EARN “SHOW” POINTS! REDUCED MINIMUM SIZE 12”!

$8 X per entry = 3rd                       

$5 X per entry = 4th                 * 19 YEARS OF A CLASSIC CULT FAVORITE LaDO! *

$4 X per entry = 5th               WINNING WAYS OF TOP ANGLERS ALWAYS REVEALED!

$50 FREE GEAR CARD = 6th 

$13 X per entry = Championship accumulation

$5 X per entry = Big Bass $3 X per entry= 2nd Big Bass 

There will be an optional $5, 15lb. pot available for qualifying events in which the highest placed team that has participated in the fee, will win the full pool of money, if their catch weighs 15 total pounds or more. 

If no eligible team weighs 15 pounds of fish or more, the pot will carry over to the next event. You must have paid the fee for the event in which the 15 or more pounds were weighed to win the pot.

If no eligible team wins the "Lucky15lb pot” all proceeds will be reported and carried over to the championship. 

Membership fees and a portion per entry is applied to point champions prizes, liability insurance, plaques, website hosting fees, the KSU BASS CLUB and various costs incurred by FBFP in order to promote and sustain this exceptional angling group.